We are a small kennel situated in Mandal in Sourthern Norway. Our aim is to establish a healthy and viable breeding programme, where health, mind and beauty are the foundations for our work with these beautiful rough collies.

Rough collies are one of the most versatile breed you can ever have. You can choose to be sporty and attend all sorts of training - i.e. Agility, tracking, obedience or relax on the couch one day, and that is all fine for the collie. They are very well behaved and most of them enjoy the showring too. Many rough collies are used as servicedogs and especially within healthcare. Your collies needs to be with you and your family. Is a spledid "best body", goes well with children and other animals. As long as you make sure their need for exercise are fullfilled, you will have the most loyal friend you can ever imagine.

Our rough collies are represented in all 3 colours. As the origin of the Rough Collie lies in Great Britain, we breed according to the FCI standards only. None of our dogs have constructed or changes made to their ears, all have natural ear carriage. All of our dogs and litters are and will be purebred English rough collies.

If you are in the neighbourhood, give us a call. Happy reading. 

Lise-Lotte Wulff Hoffmoen
Daleveien 789, N-4517 Mandal
Mobile: +47 98612308
E-mail: liselotte.wulff@gmail.com